Blog #36- Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place

I cannot believe it is November already. I remember March and February of this year very clearly. That’s insane.

October started off nice. I went to go see Don’t Worry, Daring on the first weekend and I got to see Harry, even though the movie was a little odd.

I then went to a vendor/community day at my mom’s old grade school and we wound up winning a Phillies basket and having a lot of fun!

Going through Midnights Mayhem With Me with Taylor Swift was probably a highlight of the month.

I also watched Elvis and Blonde. I did like Elvis, Blonde, not so much.

I got to see family and celebrate people in the family’s birthday.

One day, my power went out during the middle of work. That was SO MUCH FUN. Verizon wasn’t going to come out until the next day, so I went over my friend’s house who lives right around the corner. Thank God for them.

Since the 21st, I have been listening to NOTHING but Midnights by Taylor Swift. It is such a fire album and has broken so many records and I am so proud of her. Everyone should go stream.

That weekend I went to go see my best friend, who now lives in the city instead of the suburbs. We had a lot of fun. We went to painting with a twist, did an escape room, we lost but it was still fun, and ate a lot hahah.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to see her again before the holidays.

To end the month, we went to a craft show at a local high school and I bought some cute things. And then, there was Halloween. We stayed home and gave out candy, but it wound up pouring rain, so not a lot of kids came by after that.

Besides that, we have been cheering on the Phillies! They are two games away from becoming World Series Champions and we are so excited!

As always, thanks for reading and Stay safe. I can’t wait to update you with what I am up to in November. It’s going to be fun!

DWTS’ Peta Murgatroyd reveals how she really feels about new host Alfonso Ribeiro & being eliminated first on season 31

I had the honor of talking to Dancing With The Stars pro, Peta Murgatroyd, for The US Sun, last week. We talked about her beauty line and this season of DWTS.

DWTS’ Peta Murgatroyd reveals how she really feels about new host Alfonso Ribeiro & being eliminated first on season 31

Blog #35- Wake Me Up When September Ends


Time is slipping away from me and I almost forgot to write my September blog post.

October has been that busy already and it’s not even a week into yet.

Let’s see. September was filled with seeing family on Labor Day (and working for two of the three days, but that’s a story for another time).

I went to the mall for the first time in forever and of course, picked up a ton of books and things, but I also got a lot of Christmas shopping done.

I had a little bit of a rough time in the middle of the month and thought maybe my writing wasn’t good enough, but I moved on (sort of) from that.

I also went out to eat a few times and had DELICIOUS food.

Oh yeah, did you guys see Jupiter because I did?

Isn’t that a great picture? LOL.

Aside from that, I spent most of it working and with my family and cat. October is already shaping up to be busier than the whole of September. I have some fun things planned and it seems like every weekend I am busy now, but at least it’s fun things for the most part.

We also got fed a lot in the pop culture realm, and you know by now, that that is my specialty. Harry appeared at numerous premieres and red carpets for his movies. The Big Brother finale aired and made history with its winner. Taylor Swift stunned everyone with her looks at TIFF. And all of this was only in the beginning of the month.

Then, Dancing With the Stars started back up and MARK BALLAS returned to save the entire show.

Taylor Swift started her Midnights Mayhem With Me and messed up mine and every Swiftie’s sleep schedule and will continue to until October 21.

I have also been trying to workout every day after work for at least 30 minutes, but I have failed epically in October so far haha.

Thanks again for always reading these posts and my articles, I appreciate it more than you know.

I have a fun interview coming up that should be posted some time this week that I will share here, so stay tuned for that.

Stay safe and see you next month (if I remember).


Blog #34- August Slipped Away Into A Moment In Time

I know I say this every month, but how am I back here AGAIN right another blog post for the end of the month? Time just doesn’t seem real.

Nothing substantial happened in my life in August, unless you count Taylor Swift announcing her 10th studio album, but we’ll get to that.

August was mostly filled with seeing friends, working, shopping, hanging out with family, and trying to avoid the heat at all costs.

Photo credits: me

I am excited to see what September brings. I already have a few plans made and can’t wait to see what the rest of the month entails.

I was on the VMAs pre-show, only in video form, as I sent in one to talk about why I love Harry Styles haha.

Also, not only did Taylor Swift break the record for the first person to win Video of the Year three times, but she also announced her album Midnight would be out on October 21. EEEEK! I am so excited and cannot wait to hear it.

Photo credits: Taylor Swift

It is crazy that this year is almost over. It literally feels like my birthday was last week.

Sorry, I don’t have much to say, but as always, thank you for reading and for reading my articles.

Hopefully, I will have something more exciting to share with you next time. Stay safe and happy September and almost FALL!


Blog #33- Summer Time, Baby

There is no way it is AUGUST! Where did the summer go?

July was a really fun month. I went on vacation, and got to spend time with friends and family and just enjoyed myself.

Spent the Fourth of July with family and then went to go see fireworks. (Down with the patriarchy but I love a good fireworks show).

Then, I spent a lot of my time working as per usual.

We got the Late Night Talking video from Harry Styles and that just made my month.

Still, no update on new Taylor Swift music, but I have a feeling August might change that. 🙂

I was in PetSmart earlier in the month, taking my cat to get his nails trimmed and my flip-flops broke, so I had to walk around the store with a broken shoe. (Snapchat saw it first).

Towards the end of the month, I went to Ocean City, NJ, with my childhood best friend and her family. Aside from the amazing sunsets and great views, the vacation was so much fun. We got ice cream and went shopping and did an escape room on the boardwalk, along with mini-golf and an Ocean City adventure, which made me get blisters on my toes, but oh well. I’ll always have those special memories to look back on.

Aside from all of that, I finished out July working and being back home with my family.

I was supposed to go to my Shawn Mendes concert on the 26th, but he canceled the whole tour. I’m not mad at him. I’m more concerned than anything. I just want him to get better and be ok. Mental health is nothing to joke about and if you feel like you need help, reach out to someone.

Sorry, I haven’t updated this site recently. My other minor writing roles have been put on the back burner since I’ve been working for The Sun, but hopefully, I’ll be able to update it more soon.

Enjoy this last month of Summer. It is going way too fast. As always, I will talk to you next month. Stay safe and thank you all for the support.


Blog #32-Halfway Through

Sorry I’m late with this. I can’t believe it’s already JULY. We are more than halfway through the year and it is flying by. June feels like it just began.

June was filled with pool parties, family, and for me, following Shawn Mendes virtually on tour. I also got a haircut.

I saw Jurassic Park and Lightyear, which were both amazing!

We lost my uncle unexpectantly this month and it’s been crazy dealing with that.

Women got their rights taken away this month when the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade. As we celebrate the 4th, remember that you don’t have to be happy with this country.

As for July, I am working, going to see Shawn Mendes live, and possibly going on vacation. So I will update you all next month.

As always, thanks for the support and reading my articles. Stay safe and happy Summer!


Blog #31- Feeling Nostalgic

Happy June and happy Pride month!

May had to be the slowest month of the year. The beginning seemed like it went to fast, but then just slowed down to where it feels like the month was actually three months.

This month had to be one of my favorites though. It was filled with two concerts that felt totally nostalgic to me- Aly & AJ and Jesse McCartney.

Aly & AJ I went to with my brother because my friend was sick and it was super fun! They sung most of thier new stuff, but it was still so nostalgic.

As for Jesse McCartney I went with my best friend from grade school and it was absolutely amazing. He sang old and new songs and I’ll admit, I cried when he sang “Beautiful Soul.”

As for other things, I loved watching the Met Gala this year. The theme wasn’t my favorite, but I will always tune in to celebrity events.

I got to see my family for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, which was great.

We had a yard sale and although we didn’t sell much, and I got sunburn, it was still fun.

As for entertainment, I have been obsessively listening to Harry’s House and cried over Taylor Swift getting her honorary doctorate degree.

Reviews should be coming for my concerts soon. I have been so busy with work that this month seems like it went so slow.

June is set to be an exciting month! I am busy basically every weekend and will definitely update you all of that next month.

Again, I thank everyone for reading my articles. It means so much more to me than you know. I hope you continue to read them.

Be sure to take care of yourself and be kind to others as well.

I will talk to you all next month!

Blog #30- April Showers Bring May Flowers

Oops, I almost forgot to do the blog post for last month.

I cannot believe it is May already. I have been so busy with my new job, which I officially hit a month at on April 22nd.

I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this month, including concerts and holidays.

April was a fun month for me. We started the month out with a surprise party for my cousin that had been planned for months.

My and my brother at my cousin’s party

I finally got a desk for my room, which I have yet to set up, but once I do my work space is going to look awesome and I will definitely share pictures.

My Dewey boy turned 8 on the 12th and that means we’ve had him for three years already. Crazy!

Dewey Nox did not like his birthday hat

Easter was fun! I got to spend it with family and finally meet my baby cousin.

Panera Bread just released their chicken sandwich and OMG if you have not tried it yet, you definitely have to. It is delicious. It came with lettuce, garlic aoli, and parmesean crisps, but you can customize it however you want.

The weather has been ridiculous. I just want Spring weather and to not have to go outside and wear a jacket or long pants. I’m scared we’re going to go right into Summer weather and I don’t like that.

Sorry, I haven’t been updating this site as much. With my new position, I can’t post the articles on my site due to picture images and stuff, but you can always read my articles on the tabs above.


As always, I’m staying up to date on the latest pop culture news. This past month, I was obsessed with awards shows, Harry’s Coachella performance and new music, and the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial. Of course, I celebrated It’s Gonne Be May day, what kind of *NSYNC fan would I be if I didn’t?

And, of course, I’m always keeping up to date on everything Taylor Swift does and watching every post to find out what he next recrecorded album will be.


Stay safe everyone. Remember to vote!!!!!!!!!! And take care until next time.