What These 10 ‘Big Brother’ Favorites Have Done Since Leaving The Show

Many people have come and gone from the ‘Big Brother’ house, here’s what these fan-favorites, like Dr. Will Kirby and Janelle Pierzina, are doing now.

What These 10 ‘Big Brother’ Favorites Have Done Since Leaving The Show

Blog #26- Feeling (20)22


I don’t know about you but I’m feeling (20)22!

I didn’t get to post a blog post at the end of December, but here it is now. Shhh!

2021 has been pretty awesome! Compared to 2020, it was a heck of a lot better. Of course, for New Year’s 2020, we stayed home because no one knew then what was happening.

Then as stuff started to lift, I saw my friends and family in small doses. March, I celebrated my second lowkey/lockdown birthday. April, I FINALLY got vaccinated and felt more comfortable doing things. Also, in April I quit my job because I was having nervous breakdowns every day. I did not feel appreciated so I got out.

Sure, I didn’t have another job to fall back on, but writing is helping me to make money until I can find another job that won’t make me go insane.

May allowed me to see family and friends, socially distanced of course. Summer came around and trips to Target and the grocery store felt like an adventure.

Then, came July, probably one of the best months of the year. Me and my best friend planned a last minute spontaneous trip to Disney World for her birthday. That was super fun and something I will never forget. Then, a week later, I went to Ocean City, NJ, with my other best friend and her family for a week. July was finally the turning point of the year.

August, I felt like I wanted to sleep the month away after such a busy month before that. September rolled around and I finally got to go back to a concert after more than two years. Me and my best friend went to see Harry Styles’ Love On Tour at the Wells Fargo Center, and let me tell what a show to come back to. Incredible. Highly recommend.

October was also another highlight. My brother and I went to go see The Jonas Brothers in Camden, NJ. This was the second time seeing them and they never fail to disappoint. Also, in October, I was approached about joining the POPSUGAR Voices team. HUGE I know! POPSUGAR has been one of my favorite websites since as long as I can remember, so I was freaking out. Some of my articles were the top articles on the site! We also got to see David Space and Rob Schneider at Parx Casino in Bensalem. That was a hoot.

November rolled around and I thought how could this year get any better, well it did. I got HANDPICKED by Taylor Swift to go to New York to watch the premiere of the All Too Well The Short Film with one of my close friends and see her perform the song live in a movie theater. Talk about storybook endings. Best day of 2021! Hands down. The next day, me and my brother headed back to the Big Apple to visit The FRIENDS Experience. Let me tell you, if you are a huge fan like me, go see it before it leaves. I felt like I was on the set. Super cool!

December, of course, is always a fun month. Decorating for Christmas and finally getting together for the holidays brought joy to me. I received a super cool swag pack from WAWA, which made my Christmas.

Sure, there were some lows, but the highs, some of which weren’t even mentioned, far outwieghed them.

2022 is looking bright and I am so excited for what’s in store. I haven’t made any resolutions because I never wind up sticking to them. I just made a list of things that would be nice to accomplish or do to better my life.

I can’t wait to update you all on how my year progresses. Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, for following along with this website and my articles. It means the world to me, you have no idea.

For now, stay safe. Wear your masks and enjoy this brand new year! What are your resolutions/goals?

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Betty White, Thank You For Being a Friend

This deserves, she deserves a separate post. As I was taking a shower, I took a glance at my phone and saw Q102Philly tweet, Breaking: Betty White…. and I immediately jumped out of the shower. After reading the full headline, my heart sunk….

Betty White dead at the age of 99. She was three weeks shy of her 100th birthday, living her best life. White passed away peacefully in her home on Friday.

2021. WTH. My heart hurts. To the woman who was like a grandmom to everyone. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for ‘Golden Girls,’ ‘Hot In Cleveland,’ ‘The Proposal,” and so much more. But mostly “thank you for being a friend.” Rest in peace to the queen, the legend, the best. Betty White you will be missed. I can’t even process right now. This is right up there with Robin Williams. β€πŸ’”πŸ˜­

Betty White inspired many people and was a special part in all our hearts.

We love you.

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