Blog #31- Feeling Nostalgic

Happy June and happy Pride month!

May had to be the slowest month of the year. The beginning seemed like it went to fast, but then just slowed down to where it feels like the month was actually three months.

This month had to be one of my favorites though. It was filled with two concerts that felt totally nostalgic to me- Aly & AJ and Jesse McCartney.

Aly & AJ I went to with my brother because my friend was sick and it was super fun! They sung most of thier new stuff, but it was still so nostalgic.

As for Jesse McCartney I went with my best friend from grade school and it was absolutely amazing. He sang old and new songs and I’ll admit, I cried when he sang “Beautiful Soul.”

As for other things, I loved watching the Met Gala this year. The theme wasn’t my favorite, but I will always tune in to celebrity events.

I got to see my family for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, which was great.

We had a yard sale and although we didn’t sell much, and I got sunburn, it was still fun.

As for entertainment, I have been obsessively listening to Harry’s House and cried over Taylor Swift getting her honorary doctorate degree.

Reviews should be coming for my concerts soon. I have been so busy with work that this month seems like it went so slow.

June is set to be an exciting month! I am busy basically every weekend and will definitely update you all of that next month.

Again, I thank everyone for reading my articles. It means so much more to me than you know. I hope you continue to read them.

Be sure to take care of yourself and be kind to others as well.

I will talk to you all next month!


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