Blog #35- Wake Me Up When September Ends


Time is slipping away from me and I almost forgot to write my September blog post.

October has been that busy already and it’s not even a week into yet.

Let’s see. September was filled with seeing family on Labor Day (and working for two of the three days, but that’s a story for another time).

I went to the mall for the first time in forever and of course, picked up a ton of books and things, but I also got a lot of Christmas shopping done.

I had a little bit of a rough time in the middle of the month and thought maybe my writing wasn’t good enough, but I moved on (sort of) from that.

I also went out to eat a few times and had DELICIOUS food.

Oh yeah, did you guys see Jupiter because I did?

Isn’t that a great picture? LOL.

Aside from that, I spent most of it working and with my family and cat. October is already shaping up to be busier than the whole of September. I have some fun things planned and it seems like every weekend I am busy now, but at least it’s fun things for the most part.

We also got fed a lot in the pop culture realm, and you know by now, that that is my specialty. Harry appeared at numerous premieres and red carpets for his movies. The Big Brother finale aired and made history with its winner. Taylor Swift stunned everyone with her looks at TIFF. And all of this was only in the beginning of the month.

Then, Dancing With the Stars started back up and MARK BALLAS returned to save the entire show.

Taylor Swift started her Midnights Mayhem With Me and messed up mine and every Swiftie’s sleep schedule and will continue to until October 21.

I have also been trying to workout every day after work for at least 30 minutes, but I have failed epically in October so far haha.

Thanks again for always reading these posts and my articles, I appreciate it more than you know.

I have a fun interview coming up that should be posted some time this week that I will share here, so stay tuned for that.

Stay safe and see you next month (if I remember).



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