BLOG #38- I Go Back to December All The Time

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is over.

December went so fast, like SO fast, and this year flew by, but also felt like two years in one.

I will recap my December and the whole year in this post and look forward to letting you know what I have coming up in 2023.

December was awesome! We obviously decorated for Christmas and watched Christmas movies, but also did so much more than that.

I went to go stay with my best friend in her apartment for four days and we had so much fun. We had dance party in her living room, did an escape room, ate a ton of food, went to Painting With a Twist (again), walked around the Christmas village in LOVE Park, shopped, and had a great time. I miss her already, but we have plans for this year lined up already.

As for concert news, I scored tickets to THREE in just December. First up was Joshua Bassett. I will be seeing him for my birthday in March with my best friend. After that, me and my family decided to see Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks, which takes place on Father’s Day weekend. And I finally got TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS through the second chance system, and they are lower bowl. I am going with my best friend and I could not be more excited!!

I also got to see a few other friends, as many were home for the holidays and breaks.

Christmas Eve was super fun. Besides working in the morning, we went over my Pop-Pop’s house and spent time with family. Then, Christmas Day we just relaxed, ate turkey, and had my uncle and Pops over. I got a lot of nice gifts on Christmas that I absolutely love.

New Year’s Eve we spent with family friends, whom we have known forever and those memories will last a lifetime.

The last month of the year was probably one of the best. I have so many memories from it.

After this post, I know it’s late, but I will update everyone on what I have coming up for the new year and do a 2022 recap.

Stay safe and thanks for reading!!


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