Blog #5- The Jonas Brothers Comeback

One year ago today, I was sitting on my couch when Joe Jonas tweeted “S***=together” and then the brothers announced “Sucker” and their comeback as a band. I am not afraid to admit I sobbed on my couch for a good ten minutes, texted my brother, and immediately felt joy and happiness. Immediately, we agreedContinue reading “Blog #5- The Jonas Brothers Comeback”

Blog #4- I’m Talking ‘Bout Love

Well another Valentine’s Day has come and gone without being in a relationship. That’s honestly, not the the worst thing in the world. Right now, I am so wrapped up in work and writing and stuff that I would barely have time for a boyfriend. I believe in God’s timing and His plan. He canContinue reading “Blog #4- I’m Talking ‘Bout Love”