Blog #36- Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place

I cannot believe it is November already. I remember March and February of this year very clearly. That’s insane.

October started off nice. I went to go see Don’t Worry, Daring on the first weekend and I got to see Harry, even though the movie was a little odd.

I then went to a vendor/community day at my mom’s old grade school and we wound up winning a Phillies basket and having a lot of fun!

Going through Midnights Mayhem With Me with Taylor Swift was probably a highlight of the month.

I also watched Elvis and Blonde. I did like Elvis, Blonde, not so much.

I got to see family and celebrate people in the family’s birthday.

One day, my power went out during the middle of work. That was SO MUCH FUN. Verizon wasn’t going to come out until the next day, so I went over my friend’s house who lives right around the corner. Thank God for them.

Since the 21st, I have been listening to NOTHING but Midnights by Taylor Swift. It is such a fire album and has broken so many records and I am so proud of her. Everyone should go stream.

That weekend I went to go see my best friend, who now lives in the city instead of the suburbs. We had a lot of fun. We went to painting with a twist, did an escape room, we lost but it was still fun, and ate a lot hahah.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to see her again before the holidays.

To end the month, we went to a craft show at a local high school and I bought some cute things. And then, there was Halloween. We stayed home and gave out candy, but it wound up pouring rain, so not a lot of kids came by after that.

Besides that, we have been cheering on the Phillies! They are two games away from becoming World Series Champions and we are so excited!

As always, thanks for reading and Stay safe. I can’t wait to update you with what I am up to in November. It’s going to be fun!


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