Blog #19- “After a hurricane, comes a rainbow”

It feels like so long since I’ve written one of these. The days are just blending into one lately. How’s everyone doing? A lot has changed since I last updated you guys.

As of May 6th (two weeks after my second shot), I am officially fully vaccinated! (S)hot girl summer is ready to start, which I am so excited for. It’s been too long since I’ve seen anyone.

Some of you may not know, but in April I quit my recent job and wanted to move in a new direction and had to do what was best for me. Since then, my mental health has increased.

About a week later, I was scheduled for an interview for a writing company that I really wanted to work at. However, after submitting what I needed to and doing some rounds of interviews, I didn’t get that position. I didn’t let it knock me down this time though. I was upset for a bit and then let it fuel me to keep going and keep trying.

Then, I applied to other places, getting mostly rejections, but a company that I have written for before,, had an opening and I figured why not? So after writing a mock article, I got the position and am now a Entertainment/Pop culture freelance list writer for The Things.

Currently, I am jamming out to Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR” and am buying concerts tickets again, which actually brings a happy tear to my eye. What are you all listening to? Which concerts are you attending? So far, I’m going to Harry Styles in September (God willing), The Jonas Brothers in October and Aly & AJ next May. I cannot wait.

On the 22nd, I finally got to see my best friend after a year and a half. COVID and work kept us apart, but it finally all worked out and we went to the Franklin Institute.

Don’t worry we are both vaccinated and this is the only time we took our masks off.

I am currently waiting to hear back from another position so please keep your fingers crossed for me. 😀

I literally cannot believe it is Memorial Day weekend. This year is FLYING by. To all of those who lost their lives serving this country, we thank you so much. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend everyone.

Talk to you next month. Who knows what will happen then. Stay safe. Get vaccinated. Wear your masks and be kind.


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