Blog #25- Don’t You Dream Impossible Things?

Wow, I cannot believe it is December 1st. This year has flown by. I have to reflect on this November because it was probably one of the best months of the year for me.

On November 5, I was helping my mom clean out the cabinets and house for Thanksgiving. After a long day of cleaning I picked up my phone at 4:22pm and saw a notification from Taylor Nation, Taylor Swift’s official team. I clicked on it and realized it was a DM.

I freaked out and needless to say, all cleaning was done and gone out of my mind that day. They invited me to a secret event in New York on November 12. Earlier that day, I had scheduled to go to New York City on November 13 with my brother to go to the Friends Experience, but I knew I couldn’t pass this up.

After I found a friend to go with me, (Jules is just as big of a Taylor Swift fan as I am), I replied back to their email with all the necessary information. By that Sunday, we were confirmed and quick planning began. We decided what we were going to wear and what we would actually be doing.

Would this be a secret session for Red (Taylor’s Version)? The possibilities made us squeal. The day finally came and we had an early start as we had to take many trains to get there, but it was so worth it. As we were on the second train, we had gotten the email telling us where to go and what we would be doing.

Excitement and nerves set in quickly.

We finally arrived in New York City and took the subway, where he only had to walk two blocks to our location. Once we got there, the line was around the corner and we had to do more walking, in the rain, but we didn’t care.

Everyone in line wondered if Taylor would show up and we had no idea what was to come. As we were piling in, he had to do COVID and email check in and then were handed tissues and a ticket for the ‘All Too Well Short Film’ premiere.

Once we got into the theater, songs from her album were playing on the screen, we found our seats and sang at the top of our lungs with the rest of the Swifties.

Everyone was finally told to sit down and we did, but continued singing. Finally, cheers and screams erupted as Taylor Swift entered the theater in a stunning purple, velvet suit, black boots and mask and an adorbale updo.

Once everyone stopped screaming, she spoke. Taylor told us that we were all hand-picked to be here and I nearly passed out. She was a great host and talked a bit about the song, album and short film. Then we watched it together with her in the room.

When the film was over, we all cried and Taylor came back up to the front, this time with the stars of the short film, Dylan O’Brein and Sadie Sink. They were handed flowers and talked about the film and the room was buzzing.

To make everyone else even more excited, Swift sat down with a guitar and played the first ever performance of “All Too Well Ten Minute Version.” There was not a dry eye in the house.

Photo Credits: Jules Ryan

She left quickly after that, with no signs of a meet and greet, which was udnerstandable due to COVID, but it was still an out of this world experience and something I will never ever forget.


The next day, I still had a smile on my face as me and my brother got on a bus and went back to New York City. We were going to see the Friends Experience: The One In New York City.

We arrived early and bought some lunch, then explored a bit before it was our turn. The place looked just like the movie set, with iconic scenes such as the fountain, the Central Perk couch and set, Monica’s apartment, the boy’s apartment and so much more. It was totally worth it if you are a Friends fan. You can even get merchandise to commomerate your trip.

When we were done, we had some time to kill before our next bus, so we shopped around. However, when it came time to go back, we tried to hail a cab but had no such luck. We wound up missing our bus and had to schedule a later one as we decided to just take the subway.

Through it all, I cannot wait to go back to the Big Apple. I love that city.


As for other news, my pop-pop officially became a great grandpop this month, which is super exciting. We started decorating for Christmas and I am continuing to write for many publications with hopefully more on the way.

Thanks again for all the support and when I talk to you the next time, it will be 2022. Unreal….


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