Blog #20- How Is 2021 Halfway Over?

It is almost July. How is that even possible? We were just celebrating the new year. I hope everyone has been having a great Summer. I know I am.

Some updates with me: I unfortunately did not get that job I talked about in my last blog, but I’m happy writing articles from home for now. I am still applying to other places, but it does tear you down a bit when you don’t get your dream position.

Also, I went to the allergist this month and found out I’m allergic to a bunch of things, so that’s fun! (That’s sarcasm, guys. It is most definitely not fun). Turns out I’m allergic to apples and sesame seeds, which are odd, but whatever I’m am odd person. Also, all types of pollen but we already knew that.

I’ve gotten to see my family twice since I wrote you last and it felt so good to see them again.

I have been posting a lot of content lately and I hope you are all enjoying it. However, next month, it will be slowed down drastically because I will be gone for two weeks! One week in Disney World and the other down the shore. I will be with friends both times and I am so excited. After last Summer, I deserve to have fun. Don’t worry I will post plenty of pictures and updates.

We got a new couch and my cat is not liking it. Does anyone have any remedies?

And OMG how could I forget the two best things to happen this month?- The Bak-Sync performance and Taylor Swift announcing “RED (Taylor’s Version).” Is anyone else as excited as me?

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone. As always, thank you all for the support and reading my articles. Until next time….


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