Blog #18- Head First, Fearless

I can’t believe I’m staying up in 2021 to listen to “Fearless” by Taylor Swift, like it was the first time I’ve ever heard it.

“Fearless: Taylor’s Version” was made because Taylor, who wrote, sang, produced, and made all of her past albums, got those taken away from her because her old record label wants to mess around and owns HER masters. Well, now she’s taking back the narrative.

Along with all of the songs on her original Fearless: Platinum Edition album, she added six vault songs and the soundtrack song, “Today Was a Fairytale” from ‘Valentine’s Day.’

The only song that is missing is “Thug Story (Taylor’s Version) featuring T-Pain hahaha.

Now, I became a Taylor Swift fan after this album. Of course, I went through my middle school days blasting “You Belong With Me,” like I was in love or something, but other than the singles, I really didn’t know much about her or the songs.

“Speak Now” was the first album I listened to in it’s entirety, so I am so excited to Jump Then Fall head first back into this album. It really does have some of her best work on it.

The second I hit play, the tears started, but then I started dancing and smiling and the nostalgia kicked in hard. I wish I had a cowboy hat because I would have worn it. I love how she made the Platinum Edition songs sound so different. It’s like how SHE wanted them to sound.

The vault song, “Mr. Perfectly Fine” may go down as one of my favorite songs of hers of all time.

This album is so much clearer! It’s crazy how I’m like THAT’S the lyric?

I CANNOT wait to hear the rest of her albums rerecorded, the new vault songs, have her own ALL of her hard work and relive each era up to “reputation” all again.

How lucky are we to live in the same time as Taylor Swift?




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