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Blog #5- No One Likes You When You’re 23

Well, I am not longer feeling 22, I am however, happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. Haha.

As I celebrate my 23rd birthday today, I want to reflect on the past year. I met some of my favorite “Big Brother” contestants, graduated from college, saw Derek Hough, the JONAS BROTHERS, and Shawn Mendes live, applied to be on “Big Brother,” got a new cat, went down the shore, saw “Mean Girls Live,” and spent the year with family and friends.

Even though we are stuck in this weird time right now, I hope that when this whole thing blows over, and I can go outside today, that 23 will the year that I am happy. It doesn’t matter if I don’t accomplish all of my goals, I have my whole life to to do that. I just want to be happy.

So, hopefully, people will like me now that I’m 23.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Cheers!