Life is Weird- Blog #3

Life is crazy, everyone.

You pray for things and hope for them and then when you get the chance to experience it, it doesn’t work out or it does and you can’t tackle it.

Since graduating I’ve been applying to jobs in my field and kept getting rejected time and time again.

Maybe I was aiming too high for companies with too big of names. But I saw my peers getting those jobs and felt bad about myself.

I would get rejected or be ghosted or make it through the first round, and nothing more. Now that I had opportunities and companies that want me, I can’t fulfill what they want me to do and had to decline.

I had to make a decision. Do I stay at my part-time job that gives me a steady paycheck and stability for my future or do I quit that job and take on the freelance positions that want me?

It’s crazy that when you have an opportunity you’ve been dreaming of right in front of your face, you have to not take it.

But again. I believe all of this is happening for a reason. Maybe someday on the future, I’ll be ready to go full freelance, but for now I have to save up for that full-time job and my future.

God has a plan for me and is guiding me down a path that I can’t see. I’m ready to take it on if it means I get my dream job.

Never stop chading your dream and do what’s best for you in that moment.


Published by brittsims97

Brittany is the admin of this site. Here she displays all of her writings from numerous publications. It is the convenience of having them all in one place. Please check out her writings page. The site is updated frequently with new articles written by Brittany. If you ever want her to write something for you (paid), please free free to email her at the email provided.

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