“Your Setback is the Platform For Your Comeback”- Blog #1

This is my first official blog post on here, but I feel like I need to write to get my feelings out so bare with me. I meant to do at least one of these a month, but I have been so busy, so October is the official start of it. I will be writing on here when I feel like I have something to say (or write).

So yesterday, I got another ‘no.’ It was for a position I really wanted and I thought I had it in the bag when they said I was advancing to the next round. Unfortunately, I didn’t advance past that. It sort of hit me right in the gut. I got my hopes up and told my family and closest friends and then had to tell them I didn’t get it.

Rejection sucks… trust me, I know. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been rejected by two dream positions and some smaller ones. After I got my rejection last night, I started to question my career path. I know I already have my degree in Journalism, but I was thinking maybe I should just let it go and focus on the part-time job I have for now.

After some encouraging words from the best friends on the planet (You know who you are. You guys are the best), I decided to stick with my career path and not to give up. There will be rejections along the way. I grew up as a dancer, I should know. What matters is the one yes you get, not the 100s of no’s. And believe there will be a lot of no’s.

Recently, I saw the quote, “It’s a no for now, not forever.” It really opened up my perspective. It feels like you keep getting rejected, especially when your friends and classmates post about their new awesome job, but your time will come. There is a job out there that is the right fit for you, you just have to keep searching and putting in the work.

One of my mentors once told me that ‘patience and persistence are the names of the game in this field.” Be persistent on job offers if no one gets back to you and be patient because eventually if you put your name out there and put in the work, someone may contact you and you may wind up at a job you never knew existed, but you now love.

I was a little down in the dumps last night, but I am not going to let another ‘no’ stop me. I will keep trying. I don’t hold any grudges against them. I’m more disappointed in myself. I am going to work so hard to perfect my writing and skills and will eventually wind up where I need to be.

My favorite dancer, Derek Hough, once posted a quote after he was injured that has stuck by me since then. It said “Your setback is the platform for your comeback” and oh what a comeback it will be.


Thank you for reading, if you’ve made it this far. I appreciate all of the support and kind words. Please continue to read the articles I post on here, every click helps.


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