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Blog #5- The Jonas Brothers Comeback

One year ago today, I was sitting on my couch when Joe Jonas tweeted “S***=together” and then the brothers announced “Sucker” and their comeback as a band.

I am not afraid to admit I sobbed on my couch for a good ten minutes, texted my brother, and immediately felt joy and happiness.

Immediately, we agreed that we would see them live no matter what it took because we never had before.

“Sucker” was such a smash hit and is one of my favorite all-time Jonas Brothers songs.

I truly believe their break up was the best thing that happened to them. They are happier, excited, and producing amazing music all while being a family.

I may never get to meet some of my favorite artists, so to Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas, I just want to say thank you from all of the Jonas Brothers fans for breaking up and coming back. Cheers to many many more years.

I will forever go back and ride that rollercoaster with you.

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