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Alone on Christmas Day- Blog #2

Hi everyone,

I’m back with my second blog post just in time for the holidays and I’m writing about a subject that is very relatable and has come up in conversations with friends recently: being single for the holidays.

You’re sitting there on Christmas surrounded by your family and loved ones but they’re all there with their significant others and you’re not.

It’s something we’ve all gone through at least once… or for some, every holiday.

You’ve never given a gift to a boyfriend/girlfriend or had a kiss on New Year’s Eve and it can be very hard for some.

But don’t let being single on Christmas get you down. There are actually a lot of benefits to not being attached during the holidays.

You can spend more time with your family. Christmas is time to spend time with the ones you love and your family is important. You may not always have them in your life. so value the time you do have.

You will save money on gifts. Of course, if you were in a relationship you would have to buy gifts for your SO on top of the other gifts you buy so by not having one, you have more money to spend on you.

You won’t have to answer the annoying question of “so where did you two meet?” or make sure your SO won’t be weirded out by your crazy family.

Don’t let seasonal depression get you down. The holidays are times to be happy. With or without someone by your side, you should enjoy this time of the year.

Happy holidays everyone!